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Though the department has different sections from the point view of administration, the teachers and administrative staff of the department work as a well organized ‘team’.  This team has taken cue from the founder teachers and striving to develop the department further. There is remarkable co-ordination and co­operation among the Senior wing and the Junior wing of the Department. All important decisions regarding every aspect of the Department, whether it is related to academic working or the field work or physical development or about the discipline of the Department, are taken by sitting together and consulting everyone. Even the Laboratory Attendant's opinion is given a due importance. We all believe in team work and work as a team.

Innovative Teaching

In addition to regular class-room lectures and practicals many innovative ideas are implemented in teaching methods.

  1. Students are encouraged to deliver small speeches with Power Point Presentations in regular Seminars. Assistance is given to them in preparation for this at every step.
  2. Emphasis is given on Co-operative Learning. The Faculty Members sit with the students and ask them to read the notes or text books line to line and conduct discussions on each paragraph that is read. This helps students to understand each and every word and get a clear idea of the content of the paragraph so that they understand the text thoroughly. 
  3. During Classroom Teaching Maps and Models are used extensively to clarify the points. We have sample Wooden Models of Geomorphology, Structural Geology, Petrology and Crystallography.
  4. Tests and examinations are conducted periodically. Their results are discussed with the students so as to make improvements. Students needing additional coaching can be picked up from such an exercise. The tests are taken in the theory or practical periods as per the available time slots. The test papers are given back to the students after their assessment and evaluation by the teachers and students together.

Shri. S. H. Pisal

Consultancy in ground water exploration in rural and urban area of Kolhapur District and neighboring districts.

Ground water consunltancy is also carried out along with Prin. Dr. J. B. Pishte on behalf of geology department and the collected revenue is Used for departmental activities.