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Department of Geology >> Aims and Objectives


  1. To motivate the students to understand the basics of Geology.
  2. To enable the students to upply their theoritical knowledge in laboratory during practicals and in the field.
  3. To enable the students to acquire the skills to represent their knowledge of Geology through writing, or through oral presentation.
  4. To prepare the students for effective communication.
  5. To enable the students to face the global corporate world.
  6. To develop the self – confidence for personality development and language competence through mock interviewat are and seminars.
  7. Collect the information from the net and write down the information in own  handwriting and language,only photographs from the net. Write the a acknowledgement of the research person with year/or the web site. Power point presentation eg. Unit like Building stone/ Economic impotance of minerals. Naming of minerals / Photograpes showing different landformes / Internal structure of the Earth / Origin of the Earth / Geology of Maharashtra and India.
  8. Field work / Visit to museum or any Research Institute and write the report