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The department plans academic matters at the beginning of the academic year. The head of department calls meeting of the department to discuss different subjects and activities related to academic planning. The following aspects are discussed in these meeting.

1) Admissions – The reopening of the college for academic year is in the second / third week of June. The admissions are normally completed as follows, 

Class Period
F.Y. B. Sc Last week of June.
S.Y. B. Sc   First week of July.
T.Y. B.Sc. Last week of June.

During the academic year we enjoy following vacations

Sr. No Vacation   No. of days
i)   Diwali Festival 21
ii) Summer Vacation 45

2) Teaching –

Considering the completion of admission and vacations the planning of teaching is scheduled as below. Some occasional changes may come which are adjusted accordingly.

Sr. No. Duration Syllabus completion Theory & practical
i) From June upto week before first term Exam.  100 & 50 %
ii) From start of 2nd term to 28 February 100 & 50 %

3) Tests -

Our faculty members conduct test, tutorials, home assignment and terminal examination during the academic year for various classes. Results help us to improve the progress of students by additional coaching. The tentative time table for these tests is given below.

Sr. No Description Marks   Duration
i) Test -1 20 Sept-Oct.
ii) Test -2 20 Jan-Feb.
iii) Semester I, III &V 50 Oct-Nov.
iv) Semester II, IV & VI 50 Mar-Apr. 

4) Syllabus completion -

At the end of first term as well as end of year syllabus completion report is submitted to the Principal of the college.