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The department has an active part in the programs launched by career guidance and science association. Prof. S. R. Ghatage was working as the Coordinators of Placement Cell.
1. Parent - teacher scheme 

2 Regular seminar 

3 Organization of Guest Lecturer:

         Dr. Michael Neumann Spallart

            Senior Scientist From CNRS UNIVERSITÉ DE VERSAILLES, Paris 

     Dr. Jin Hyeok Kim of Chonnam National University, Gwangju

     Dr. Ganesh Aagawane( M.Sc,Ph.D,POSTDOC south corea)

        Subject- Opportunities in research

     Mr. Nilesh Kodolikar (prop. Sindicorp Pvt.Ltd.USA)

        Subject- Job opportunities in foreign country.

 i) Guest lecture on nuclear reaction by Dr. T. J. Shinde, Department of                                Physics, KRP Kanya Mahavidylaya, Islampur on 16-08-2017.
ii) Guest lecture on Crystal structure by Dr. A. A. Wali, Head, Department of Physics, Devchand College, Arjunnagar on 27-01-2018.
iii) Guest lecture (Five) on Quantum Physics from Mr. Ajit Kamble Ex student Department of Physics GKG College Kolhapur on 14-12-2018.


Sr. No. Activities (Year Wise)
1 2014-15
2 2015-16
3 2016-17
4 2017-18
5 2018-19
6 2019-20