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At the end of first term as well as end of year syllabus completion report is submitted to the Principal of the college.



Botany Paper Code

Paper Name

B.Sc.- I

Paper I: DSC- 13 A

Biodiversity of Microbes, Algae And Fungi.

Paper II: DSC- 14 A

Biodiversity of Archegoniate- Bryophytes, Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms.

Paper III: DSC- 13 B

Plant Ecology.

Paper IV: DSC- 14 B

Plant Taxonomy.

B.Sc.- II

Paper V: DSC- C13

Embryology Of Angiosperms.

Paper VI: DSC- C14

Plant Physiology.

Paper VII: DSC- D13

Plant Anatomy.

Paper VIII: DSC- D14

Plant Metabolism.