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Great Political thinker Aristotle says, Man is a social as well as a political animal. In recent period, the study of Political Science has gained new importance. After independence and with the acceptance of new constitution which is the introduction to democracy, the study of Political Science became important for everyone in our country. Realizing the Need and importance of Political Science and its study, our founder member Principal Barr. Balasaheb Khardekar –The Ex. Member of Parliament with great educationist Prin. M. R. Desai- Ex. M.L.A., decided to introduce this subject for college students from the beginning. 

We owe a deep debt of gratitude to our previous faculties like Prof. B. B. Patil a noted professor, and an author of many books on political science. Dr. Abasaheb Shinde – Ex. Principal and noted professor of political science, Dr. Bhalerao Harish- now working as the Principal of Night College, Kolhapur, Prof. G. B. Rajput and others who have contributed so much for the development of the Department of Political Science.

The nature of Modern Political Science has changed in many ways. The new concepts, theories and approaches have emerged in political science. With a view to make students more conscious, scientific, active, responsive and responsible; Political Science Department of Gopal Krishna Gokhale College offers Political Science as optional subject to undergraduate level.