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Senior >> Department of Geography >> Aims and Objectives


The Board of studies should brief components of the course/paper. The student should get in to the prime objectives & expected level of study with required out come in terms of basic & advance knowledge at examination level.

  • Student should know fundamental branches of Geography.
  • Student should get acquainted with the Geomorphological & Climatological concept.
  • To provide better alternative to those student who have passed their higher secondary examination.
  • To prepare skilled technologies by imparting theoretical as well as practical knowledge in the field of Geography.
  • To induce lifelong learning skills attitudes for Social & Personal Development.
  • To expose the student to the student to the Environment.
  • To develop specific skills (Drawing, use Cartographic Techniques, Computer, Literacy, Map Reading & Interpretation) among the student for accepting.
  • To develop practical approach among the student.
  • To generate opportunities for self-employment and to help of G.I.S. with growing industry of Maharashtra.