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Department of Economics established in the year 1950, with the objectives of teaching, encouraging the business skills among the students and also to develop their economic behavior, to understand the Indian Economy with all aspects. We are proud to say that many great teachers contributed in the development of the Department of Economics and helped to understand the various aspects of Indian economy and new economic policy. Among them-


  1. Dr. T. G. Naik – He was Professor in the Economics department in the Shivaji university Kolhapur and research guide for M. Phil and Ph. D Students.
  2. Shri. K. H. Thakkar- He has written many text books on Economics.
  3. Shri. V. A. Ingavale - He is a great social worker and practiced theories of economics in real life by organizing the farmers, workers, etc.
  4. Dr. S. D. Potdar- He is an authority on cooperative movement in Kolhapur and he has written some books.
  5. Prin. S. D. Sathe- He has worked as a principal for 10 years in the same college.
  6. Dr. Mrs. P. P. Koli - She was worked as guide for the M. Phil and Ph. D students of the Shivaji University, Kolhapur.
  7. Dr. P.K.PATIL currently working as I/C Principal in the Same College