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Founder member of Shikshan Prasarak Mandal Kolhapur, the Principal   Br.Balasaheb Khardekar and Principal M.R.Desai started Science Wing in 1958.

The Department of Chemistry was established in 1958. Prof Mrs.T.S.Nevagi was incharge of the department. Later, Dr.C.M.Deshpande became the H.O.D. in 1960 and continued till 1981. Department had under taken M.Sc. Chemistry by P.P.P.R. under the auspicious guidance of Dr.C.M.Deshpande in 1972. The four students completed their M.Sc. by P.P.P.R. under the guidance of Dr.C.M.Deshpande.

Prof.Mrs.T.S.Nevagi became H.O.D. in 1981. and continued till 1990 Prof.L.K.Ingale taken the charge of H.O.D. in 1990 after the retirement of Mrs.T.S.Nevagi. and continued till 2002. Prof.B.G.Mahajan became H.O.D. in 2002 after the retirement of Prof.L.K.Ingale, and continued till 2005 Prof.D.R.Gat taken the charge of H.O.D. in 2005 after the retirement of Prof.B.G.Mahajan, and continued till 2006, Prof.P.P.Sutar  became H.O.D. in 2006 after the retirement of Prof.D.R.Gat & till working.

Right from the beginning of the Science Wing, Chemistry has been taught as special  subject at B.Sc.III.

Infrastructure :-

The built up area of the department is 395.26 sq.m. in which we have three laboratories, balance room, store room, preparation room. The laboratories are well equipped with L.P.G. connection, water connection, Electric supply  and other necessary requirement for the smooth working of the practicals. The department has various instruments like Colorimeter, Refractometer, Conductometer ( Digital ), Potentiometer, Polarimeter, PH meter, Digital Balance, Chemical Balance, glasswares, other laboratory equipments and chemicals support the Chemistry education.