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This is resume of the Departmental Profile of the Department of Sociology. This department was established in the year June 1950 with the establishment of institution itself. Since the day of the inspection of this department it has become one of the major department of this college it would be improper to avoid the references members who have contributed in the overall department of this Department. Few of the following.

Faculties can’t be ignored.

The department gives the “Vaidya Award” to a girl who stood 1st in T.Y.B.A (Sociology) class from 2012-2013, which is sponsored by Vaidhya Foundation, Sangli.

Mr. Lokhande V. D. Department. He is Retired Teacher of H.O.D. Tr. College at this college. Prof. S. G. Patil is Assistant Professor of Gopak Krishna Gokhale College, Kolhapur. He is working as a N.S.S., Programme Office, Department and Miss Kumbhar J. U. Assistant Teacher’s of G.K.G. College, Kolhapur.