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Human thoughts, experiences, feeling and  ideas can only by expressed with language .The basic aims of teaching regional language at the higher secondary level are to teach the basics of communication to enrich mode of expressions, to make them understand each other for the proper socialization, develop the intellectual and emotional conscious to react to the social and cultural changes and gain the knowledge to live a resourceful life .                                                                                                                                                                                                         
In the age of globalization to use Marathi in every sector of human life has emerged as a challenge that can be faced only with the development of specific language skills and use of jargons in the students. It is necessary to sustain the status of Marathi as a State’s official Language can be developed only with its constant use in the every sector of modern life that will conserve and empower Marathi for future.



  • To make the students understand the importance of grammar of Marathi Language.
  • To develop the translation skills in the students.
  • To enrich the students with Language skills required to write in the media. 
  • To make a them practice the Language skills to tackle with the day to day situations.  
  • To encourage them in the use of Marathi Language for computer applications .
  • To make a citizen with a great respect for Marathi Language.